Dear Members and Viewers,

I welcome you to the website of Dhaka Club. Our beloved Club was established in 1911 by the British, as a prototype of their 18th century clubs of London, and has thrived and flourished under three different sovereignties since inception. Dhaka Club, considered a bastion of heritage, has of course undergone evolution through the ages. This website is merely another stepping stone in the club’s everlasting journey into the future.
I believe the website is a bridge between the Club, its members their families and also other viewers who evince interest in an old and traditional Club. You may find a brief history of Club posted on our web page and also the list of Clubs of various countries with whom we share a strong, reciprocal relationship.
Dhaka Club is a private social club, exclusively for use of the members and their families only. Selected eminent personalities of the society like leading business personalities, senior civil and military bureaucrats, judges, professionals of great repute, personalities of national eminence in art culture and literature, leading personalities from the media and senior business executives are all proud members of the Club. We have more than 3000 members who use the Club’s premises and facilities along with their families and guests permissible under the Club rule. Established in 1911, Dhaka Club Limited is now an excellent abode for the members to spend their leisure and a popular hub for social and business interactions. Fellowship and camaraderie is the essence of our Club.
If you view our website regularly, I can assure you, you will remain abreast with necessary information that will be of your concern and information regarding all events and activities of the Club.
Please visit our website and remain in touch with your Club. Let us make it an interactive experience and further strengthen the bonds of the Dhaka Club Family.

Khandaker Mashiuzzaman (Romel)