Dhaka Club has a long history of hosting and participating in various sporting events each year, nurturing the friendly competitiveness that its members possess as well as enabling a more fun way of maintaining fitness. The Club is well equipped to act as a venue for sports such as Tennis, Squash, Billiards and Golf.

The Club frequently plays host to competitive sports tournaments and this is illustrated by the club’s exploits over the years. In 2014, Dhaka Club hosted the “President’s Cup National Tennis Tournament” where the major tennis playing clubs of the country participated. The Club also proudly hosted the SAARC Squash Tournament in the year 2010. On the special occasions of the National Independence Day and the Dhaka Club’s Foundation Day, the Club hosts special, competitive tournaments in Tennis, Squash, Billiards and Golf.

Dhaka Club’s sporting endeavors are not limited to the city’s boundaries: The Club has participated in the Inter City Club Sports Carnival 2014 at Calcutta Club, Kolkata, contested a friendly Cricket Match and Tennis Tournament against the two clubs at Balisera Valley Club, Sylhet, and has also taken part in a Tennis Tournament at Chittagong Club.